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Watches & Pencils #5 - Halloween: Dead Seconds & ZombiesIt's Halloween and we thought it could be nice to participate in that party that has a special cartoon! Within this cartoon, the dead beat seconds play a crucial role during Halloween in addition to the green lumed dials!Below our Halloween cartoon, we provide you with two dead seconds timepieces. Neither of them incorporates a green lume dial or includes a pumpkin though. In case you 'celebrate' halloween, have a good time and we are awaiting see some pretty scary halloween pictures on Instagram and Facebook!Just lately Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced their True Second (as Rolex had its Tru-Beat) movement in the Geophysic collection. Steltman Watches inside the Hague showed us their Jaeger-LeCoultre variety of True Second models. We will quickly execute a write-up on these new dead seconds replica watches from Le Sentier.If you want to read some thing on dead beat seconds, have a look at our Gronefeld One Hertz write-up. Gronefeld's One Hertz watch can be purchased in a number of flavors, such as a Halloween-proof all-black version. Numerous Gronefeld via their own personal website. replica omega load cell watches Gronefeld One Hertz DLC replica watch bands replacement replica rolex replica breitling professional emergency mission watches
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